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Photography for Kids - Photography Projects, Science of Photography, History of Photography

Photography for Kids

Photographer Wendy Ewald calls photography "the most democratic visual art" - accessible to everyone with the means to buy a ten-dollar camera and some film. Compared to other visual arts such, as painting and sculpture, photography depends least on manual dexterity, making it ideal for kids of all ages.

Even preschool kids can understand using the camera for point-and-shoot photography. School-age kids can begin to express themselves through photography with self-portraits, travelogues, and whimsical trick photography.

Photography for Kids Articles on BigLearning.org

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More Photography for Kids Resources

Photography Tips

Just a little technique goes a long way with kids. If your kids want to learn to take better pictures, these sites can help. Kids younger than 10 may need help understanding the photography techniques, but kids 10 and up may be able to use them independently. They have ideas for composing pictures, using close-ups, lighting, and special effects to communicate a message in pictures.

10 Tips for Better Pictures

10 Tips on Taking Great Pictures (Kodak)

Introducing the digital camera to kids

Tips for Taking Portrait Photographs

Photography Tips

Take Better Photos

10 Digital Photography Tips

Nature Photography Tips from National Geographic

Adventure Photography Tips from National Geographic


Photography Projects for Kids


These projects help kids understand the science of photography and learn to use photography for artistic expression.

History through Digital Photography!

Make a Pinhole Camera (from San Francisco Exploratorium)

Pinhole Cameras (what to do if your camera doesn't seem to work)

Easy Project Ideas from Edutaining Kids

Make a Photo Theater

Hand-Coloring a Black and White Photo


Cameras and Optics

More science of photography - how cameras work.

How Cameras Work

How Digital Cameras Work


History of Photography

Nothing inspires like the work of a truely great photographer. Kids will love these photos whether or not they take their own photographs.

American Museum of Photography

History of Photography

Historical Photo Techniques and Processes

Matthew Brady Gallery

Snowflake Bentley


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