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Sew a Kite

Kite Projects for Kids

There are many easy-to-make kite designs available on the Internet, but most produce flimsy paper kites that I just know will clutter our shelves and slowly wilt into trash. So this year we might try to sew a real, rip-stop nylon kite - there's a simple plan at http://sewing.about.com/library/weekly/aa032898.html .  Although my sewing skills begin and end with hemming, this plan seems very straightforward.

OK, I'm just a pushover when it comes to a really rich Big Learning activity like this one. It's a sewing project even a boy who thinks sewing is for girls could get behind. You make your own pattern, based on the diagram provided. There's plenty of measurement practice. Once you make one kite, you could easily modify the design to make a better kite. All this before you even fly the thing.

You can learn about kite events in your area by checking out the National Kite Month web site, http://www.nationalkitemonth.org .




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