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Workshop Schedule and Registration


Big Learning Workshops for Adults

Dr. Cole can teach you or your group about Big Learning! Invite Dr. Cole to your PTA, conference, or service club.

Choose from one of the following workshops, or contact us about developing one just for your group.

Sign up today, online or by phone.

Call for more information (301)560-1633


Workshops for Adults
Raising Great Learners

The joy of watching your child learn - it doesn't have to end after preschool. This workshop shows you how to help your child do better in school, sustain your child's curiosity and love of learning, and do it all without the stress and expense of an overscheduled childhood. Hands-on activities will help you understand more about how your child learns and organize your home for learning through creative play and family fun.

Just-in-Time Science

"Mommy, why can airplanes fly?" Trying to answer a child's science question can lead an adult quickly into deep science. In this hands-on workshop, you'll test-drive some great resources for beefing up your own science knowledge just in time to help your kids.

The Math-Friendly Household

Math smarts, home-grown. Learn to recognize everyday experiences that build children's math skills. Understand how kids learn math. Organize your home so kids can't help but encounter math-building experiences at every turn. Support your kids mathematical development, whether you loved or hated math yourself.





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