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Big Learning has volunteers helping in many capacities. Whether you're behind-the-scenes type, or someone who loves to teach, Big Learning has a spot for you to make a difference and help us achieve our mission of promoting school and life success through hands-on, real-world learning experiences for children and families.

Current Volunteer Opportunities
Please browse our current volunteer opportunites on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center web site. You can respond to an opportunity via that site, or email us at volunteer@biglearning.org

Thanks to our Volunteers!
Here are some shout outs to volunteers who've helped recently:

Ali reviewed our assessment materials and analyzed our pre- and post-test data.

Meg saved us hundreds of hours by automating the conversion of some of our old web site content to the new format.

Jim built our new web site.

Sophie edited the Teacher's Guides for both Toymaking and Building Big & Small.

Sam and Alejandra are helping teach the Toymaking class at GPES.

Jesse, Dashel, and Elijah helped families make glider kits for NIH Children's Hosptial patients.