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Gardening with Kids


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Planting advice for kids

Gardening with Kids

Gardening is a great way for kids to learn what it means to nurture another living thing. Weeding, watering, and watching - kids grow both their gardens and their intellects. Gardening enhances scientific understanding through hands-on exploration of botany, zoology, and geology. There are plenty of opportunities for math calculations, artistic enhacement of the garden space, and creative crafts based on the harvest. As kids develop know-how and persistence, they see their bounty increase. Here are some resources to help your kids grow a successful, satisfying garden.

Gardening with Kids - Articles on BigLearning.org

Starting Seeds


Botany - Watching Root Systems Develop

Book Review: One Small Garden

Book Review: The Enchanted Gardening Book

Book Review: All New Square Foot Gardening

Book Review: Square Foot Gardening


Gardening with Kids - More Resources

Gardening projects for small kids

Official Square Foot Gardening Site: The easiest way to get started with gardening.

Seed Saving: Article on how to collect and save seeds.

Kidsgardening.com: A big general-purpose kid's gardening site.

Diagnosing plant problems: Find out what's eating your plants.

Gardening advice from Farmer's Almanac



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