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Art for Kids: Art Projects for Kids, Art Books for Kids, Art Appreciation for Kids, Art History for Kids

Art Art Art!

From scribbles to masterpieces, your kids can't get enough! Whether you create or appreciate, check out these articles and sites. You can learn about art past and present and improve your own art skills.

Create Art Together!

When grownups and kids create something together, both benefit. The adult absorbs the child's creative spirit and lack of constraints, and the child benefits from the adult's know-how and coordination.

Look What We've Got

On this page you'll find great activity ideas, materials for creating art, and resources for understanding and appreciating great artworks.

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Art for Kids from Big Learning

Art Projects and Activities

The Craft Stick Idea Palace

Activity: Make a cardboard loom

Activity: Make pottery bowls

Activity: Making a Display Area

Activity: Make big paper trees

Activity: Make Origami Peace cranes

Activity: Take a Free Drawing
Lesson Online

Activity: Taking Kids to the Art Museum

Activity: Draw Cartoon Faces

Activity: Paper Sculpture

Activity: Make the Cutest Little Boxes...

Activity: Make whirligigs and spinning tops

Activity: Learn about art and nature online

Activity: Play in the ArtZone

Activity: Puppets!

Activity: Design a Fireworks Show



Art Books

Book Review: Making Things

Book Review: Cartoonists Workbook

Book Review: Art Fraud Detective

Book Review: You Can Draw Anything

Book Review: Draw 3-D

Book Review: Geography Crafts for Kids

Book Review: Take a Look Around

Book Review: I Wanna
Take Me a Picture:
Teaching Photography and
Writing to Children

Book Review: Making Books
That Fly, Fold, Wrap, Hide, Pop Up,
Twist, And Turn

Reviews of Art Supplies and Kits

Gioto Plastiroc Air-Dry
Modeling Material

I Made That! Furniture Kits for Kids

Kids Choice Glue

Glue Dots

More Art Web Sites for Kids

Learn to Draw - Drawing Lessons for Kids

Comic facial expressions: http://www.kidsturn.org/kids/feelingf.htm

Cartoon-o-matic facial expression machine: http://www.nfx.com/dl/

More basic cartooning: http://www.heritageaspen.org/cartoons.html

Artist Toolkit: http://www.artsconnected.org/toolkit/explore.cfm

Color Theory: http://members.cox.net/mrsparker2/intro.htm

Kinder Art: http://www.kinderart.com

Drawing Lessons: http://www.teachartathome.com/NewFreeLessons.html

How to teach drawing to children: http://www.goshen.edu/art/ed/draw.html


Art History for Kids and Art Appreciation for Kids:

Detective art mystery to solve: http://www.eduweb.com/pintura .

Scribbles Kids Art: http://www.scribbleskidsart.com/

Eyes on Art: http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/art2/index.html

Metropolitan Museum: http://www.metmuseum.org/home.asp

Artcyclopedia: http://www.artcyclopedia.com/

Art Resources for Parents and Teachers


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