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8-10-07: Math Moment: Heat Index Chart ; Activity: Car games; Product Update: More microscopes; Book Review: The Nature Handbook; Education News: Baby Einstein; Web site: Snakes

8-3-07: Math Moment: Ice Cream Stats; Activity: Ballpoint Pen Engineering; Product Recommendation: Motic Field Microscope; Education News: Are you worried about the Summer Slide?; News to Share: Baby Mammoth Photos; Website: Gimp projects

7-23-07: Math Moment: Bicentennial and other Anniversary Words; Activity:Fun with Reptiles; Activity: Frozen Desserts; Product Recommendation: Kids Choice Glue; Education News: Here's to Excellent Summer Schools; Web Site: Snakes

6-13-07: Math Moment: One Billion Trees; Activity: Box Doodle and other Box Activities; Education News: When to start kindergarten; Book Review: The School Story ; News to Share: 5-second rule and other bacteria; Web Site: Butterflies

5-30-07: Math Moment: Heavy Gold Coin; Activity: Make your own trading cards ; Education News: Economic case for preschool; Contest for Kids: Discover Magazine Cover ; Web Site: I Will Knot!; Web Site: Animal Bytes

5-23-07: Math Moment: Fastest Tennis Serve; Activity: Make a Mobile; Education News: The National Spelling Bee ; Web Site: Animations from WikiMedia; Web Site: Mixing colors

5-9-07: Math Moment: Jumping 100 inches; Activity: Make a gift for Mothers' Day ; Activity: Wheel assembly; Book Review : 38 Ways to Entertain Your Grandparents ; Web site: http://www.scrapblog.com/

4-25-07: Math Moment: Tail wagging; Activity: Make a Wallet; Book Review : Run Jump Hide Slide Splash; Education News: The Gap; Web site: Where's yours

4-11-07: Math Moment: Kites of different sizes; Activity: Make Origami Cranes; Book Review : Homework Myth; Education News: Parent involvement; Web site: A Walk in the Woods

4-4-07 Math Moment: Early Baseball Standings; Activity: Play the Nest Identifcation Games; Activity: Learn a magic trick; Product Review : Basket weaving sampler kit; Education News: Quick fixes; Web site: Everyday Mysteries

3-28-07 Math Moment: Getting enough sleep?; Activity: Start some seeds; Activity: "Nutrition Label Face-off" Game; Book review: Asian Kites; Education News: Merit pay for teachers; Web site: Kids Regen

2-28-07 Math Moment: Get ready for Pi Day; Activity: Make a balloon-powered car; Book review: Engineering for kids; Education News: Extending the School Day; Web site: The People History

2-15-07 Math Moment: Tessellations; Activity: Weaving; Activity: Great Backyard Bird Count; Book review: Socrates; Contest: Earth Day photos; Web site: Logical Lies

2-7-07 Math Moment: Tetris; Activity: More recycled structures; Game review: Rush Hour; Education News: Accountability movement encroaches on preschool and college; Web site: Make your mark with a Tenner

1-17-07: Math Moment: World's Tallest Ferris Wheel ; Activity: Make pretty pottery bowls; Contest: Recycle Art competition; Book review: Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions; Education News: Create-a-skate skateboard building program; Web site: Dangerous Decibels

1-10-07: Math Moment: Googol Math Contest; Activity: "Paint your own pottery" party; Toy review: Electronics playground; Explaining the News: Climate Change; Web site: KidsHealth

12-13-06: Math Moment: Give a goat; Activity: Cookie Art; Book review: Bird Watcher; Education News : Newsflash! Winter break is good; Favorite Web sites of 2006

12-7-06: Math Moment: Critical Consumption of Statistics; Activity: Make Presents; Book review: Elijah's Angels; Education News : Holding back five-year-olds ; Web Site: Good Stuff?

11-30-06: Math Moment: Take a ride into space; New: Announcing our newest Treasure Trove: Cooking!; Activity: Make pretzels; Book review: The Big Book of Magic; Education News : What it takes to make a student; Web Site: Runningmap

11-15-06: Math Moment: Nintendo sales; Activity: Ping pong fun; Book review: Exploratopia; Education News : Playgrounds and "Educational" toys ; Web Site: Sugar Crash

11-8-06: Math Moment: Lacing up shoes; Activity: Get egg-cited about science; Book review: The American Civil War: 365 Days; Game: Linerider ; Current Events for Kids :The U.S. Elections; Web Site: Journey North science site

11-1-06: Math Moment: What does your UNICEF donation buy?; Activity: NEW! The; Big Learning Craft Stick Idea Palace; Book revew: Super Snacks ; Education news: What it takes to be great ; Web Site : Archaeology for kids

10-18-06: Math Moment: U.S. Population tops 300 million; Activity: Pumpkin muffins; News to share: Giant yellow jacket nests ; Education news: Streak of wild; Web Site : Toon Beat

10-11-06: Math Moment: Caffeine content of soft drinks; Activity: Pinwheels Plus; Book Review: Hoot; Education news: Must we teach to the test? ; Web Site : Let them sing it for you

10-04-06: Math Moment: Mathematics of paper dolls; Activity: Plan a costume; Book Review: Switched On, Flushed Down, Tossed Out; Education news: Another great homework rant; Web Site : CBBC Presspack

9-27-06: Math Moment: Walking to School ; Activity: Acorns and Pinecones; Book Review: They Did What?! ; Education news: Tracking...it's baaaack; Web Site : Inner Body

9-20-06: Math Moment: Analog clocks; Activity: Make string figures; Book Review: Stealing Home; Education news: Homework revisited; Web Site : Pirates ; Contests: Writing and inventing

9-6-06: Activity: Fun with Flatware, Book Review: Children's Miscellany, Education news: Letting Children Roam , Web Site : All about Pests , Contest: Design an educational game!

8-30-06: Adding and subtracting times, pancakes, hoaxes, online atlas, age approriate learning.

8-23-06: Salaries, pets, animal encyclopedias, online science lab, back to school worldwide, pay for grades?

8-16-06: Counterfeit coin math, trick photography, historic tales, Apples to Apples, math facts review

8-9-06: Camping, wood project kits, Google Earth math, back to school, Underground adventure, Giant-sized croquet

7-26-06: Measure veggies, make ice cream whirligigs and spinning tops, nature or nurture IQ, make a movie.

7-19-06: Make putty, shells, sewing with felt, learning through activities, free typing lessons

7-12-06: Oldest world cup players, Bubble gum science, My Side of the Mountain, New spelling? Wilderness survival

6-28-06: Baseball math, fireworks, first aid, summer vacation, summer reading

6-21-06: Measuring horses, poison plants, raisins, summer solstice, NCLB news, monster trucks

6-14-06: Radius and scary volcanos, Make a geyser, cartoon art, Runescape civics, RIF Bookzone

6-7-06: Motorcycle lean angles, thanking teachers, square foot gardening, World Cup Soccer, online mysteries

5-31-06: What's more than 100%? Contests, music science, cool videos

5-17-06: Hundredths of a second, making cheese, play "lemonade stand", polar days and nights.

5-10-06: One in a million, stargazing, making videos, kinetic sculpture race

4-26-06: What's a billion? Feederwatch for summer, exercise site, fungi.

4-19-06: One red paper clip, train a goldfish, nature for children, how things are made.

4-05-06: Symmetry, Science in a cup, Birdhouses, Math Blog, More about bugs.

3-29-06: Flipping coins, April Fools, insect pets, Classical music for kids.

3-14-06: Great Circle math, poetry for kids, castles, weird holidays.

3-9-06: Graphing math, dig a hole through the Earth, science fun, ballet

3-1-06: Math contest, make a flip book, Moo Cow Fan Club, pavement drawings, weird inventions

2-9-06: Pi digits and primes, Rubber band illusions, Woodshop for Kids, News: Boys in school, horses.

2-2-06: Accuracy of Groundhog day, photograph your pets, Bumparena, Winter Olympic torch relay, Paul Cezanne

1-25-06: Heights of tall buildings, chemistry of clean pennies, making things, space exploration news, health quiz.

1-11-06: Math trick, pottery, crafts, physics web site

1-4-06: Distance between cities, drawing lessons, poetry, caves

12-14-05: Box folding, Winter nature, Kids astronomy, news, Winter holidays

12-7-05: Fahrenheit-Celsius, Snow stuff, Arts education, new mammal, heroes.

11-15-05: Weather graphs, puzzle making, astronomy, animal gifts

10-19-05: Latitude and longitude, sculpture projects, baseball books, chess for kids

10-6-05: Fly through Escher, form a jazz band, texas geography, why do leaves turn color?

9-28-05: World population math, love of reading, towers of Hanoi, retro TV ads

9-21-05: Code-breaking math, African animals web cam, trick photography for kids, old time radio.

9-14-05: Red Cross donations math, family volunteering, science videos for kids, wolf communication.

9-07-05: Gasoline price math, hurricane web sites for kids, standards-testing critic, baseball hall-of-famers, cool reads for kids.

8-31-05: Math of extraordinary trees, Jonathan Kozol, deserts, today's front pages.

8-22-05: Pet care math, "Wrong-way" heroes, dinner-table science

7-20-05: Heat index, swimming pool games, African games, knot tying

7-13-05: Movie ticket prices, baby panda pics, Harry Potter parties, urban wildlife, War of the Worlds

7-6-05: Really big fish, Magic Nuudles, Children of the Wild West, how-tos online.

6-29-05: Powers of 10, Google Earth, Desert wildlife, robins nest photos

6-15-05: Ocean pollution math, Bug Vacuum, history of words

6-8-05: Circle art, program a robot, police sketch artist

6-1-05: Hotel Infinity, Beyond the bug jar, inventing stuff, Watergate

5-25-05: Consumer prices, poetry for kids, recorders (musical instruments), astronomy software

5-11-05: Baby name popularity math, pyramids, detectives, Australia

4-27-05: Nutrition math, more about falcons, family gardening, media literacy

4-13-05: Mobius strips, peregrine falcons, children's photography, geography photos

4-6-05: Math - batting averages, kite flying, dinosaur discoveries, bird houses

3-30-05: Math - obeisity statistics, music and melody, story-writing advice, physics demo

3-9-05: Math- census data, gardening roots, Louis Armstrong, Color in art

3-2-05: Math - flying around the world, Illustrators, The Gates

2-23-05: Hawaii weather math, Koalas for kids, Toys, Undersea exploration

2-16-05: Math - fast food nutrition, tornado bottle, Abe Lincoln, easy science experiments

2-9-05: Spinning polygons, National Bird Feeding Month, water science, infrared zoo

2-2-05: Math - pop and soda, fish chemistry, bird watching, art zone

1-26-05: Math for kids, thunder, bad science

1-19-05: Decomposer science, lightning, Inca archaeology for kids

1-5-05: The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, San Francisco's Exploratorium

12-14-04: Music and math, Earth from Above, gifts to make

12-1-04: Optical illusions, Native Americans, family volunteering.

11-16-04: Air-hardening clay, Wingwalker, Orchestra web site

11-9-04: Wood shop for kids, cooking for kids, nature site.

11-2-04: Electoral vote math, Lunar eclipses, pacific salmon

10-26-04: Stock Market play, Day of the Dead, Physics for kids

10-19-04: Mock Election, pumpkin projects, rock collecting sites

9-14-04: Hurricanes, media literacy, puppetry.

9-8-04: Demographic math, different kinds of learning, TV election ad history.

8-31-04: Harvest moon, amature radio, consumer awareness for kids .

8-24-04: Freezer jam, optical illusions in art, Colossal Cave adventure game.

8-17-04: Olympics, ancient Greece, time-lapse plant videos.

8-10-04: Travel (Museum of Civilization, Quebec), engineering for kids, rainforest trail.

8-5-04: Montreal Biodome, coin collecting for kids, travel tips.

7-20-04: Making display areas, seven kinds of intelligence, health site for kids.

7-13-04: News sites for kids, Draw 3-D , family math fun.

7-6-04: Ice cream science, If the World Were a Village, money around the world.

6-29-04: Real-World Math, Camp songs, Farmers Almanac.

6-22-04: Mystery Detective Forensic Science Kit, Origins of words and phrases

6-15-04: School-home connection, A Kids' Guide to Building Forts, endangered species site.

6-8-04: Summer volunteering, making art books, Venus transit.

6-1-04: Facing the Lion, Yo-yo tricks, J.K. Rowling

5-25-04: Cicadas, books by Marjorie Priceman, nutrition web sites.

5-18-04: Battery Science, PhotoParade Essentials.

5-11-04: More paper models, Einstein Never Used Flash Cards, Helen Keller for Kids.

5-4-04: Birdhouse science, Math for Smarty Pants.

4-27-04: Composting for kids, Educational Travel, Poetry contest.

4-20-04: Starting seeds, 17-year cicadas, Sedna astronomy.

4-13-04: Wright Brothers at the Smithsonian, Notebooks a science museums, The Enchanted Gardening Book, Earth Science Picture site.

4-6-04: One Small Garden, Paper Toys.

3-30-04: First Book donation opportunity, While You're Waiting for the Food to Come, Lissa Explains It All HTML.

3-23-04: Bird books for early spring, origins of phrases and cliches, virtual travel.

3-16-04: Geography, Beethoven Lives Upstairs, evolution.

3-9-04: Kites, Write Like an Egyptian, Roadside attractions.

3-2-04: Trends in educational toys, I Wanna Take Me a Picture, Guitar and piano chords

2-24-04: Weaning kids from children's music, The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook, American Sign Language site.

2-17-04: More about art museums, You Can Draw Anything, Space web site.

2-10-04: Art museums with kids, Human Body, balloon animals.

2-3-04: Florida Everglades, Evening Meals Around the World, Orchestra web site.

1-20-04: Ultimate Rocket Kit, Kids Shenanigans, Our Documents web site.

1-13-04: Snow activities, Guerrilla Learning.

1-6-04: Measure your fitness, Art Fraud Detective, Math Tools site.

12-30-03: Draw cartoon faces, How to Talk to your Dog, Caledopaedia site.

12-23-03: Home remedies for cold and flu.

12-16-03: Fly like the Wright Brothers, Glow-In-The-Dark Constellations, holiday web sites.

12-09-03: Making Boxes, In Schools We Trust, Kid-lit.com.

12-02-03: Franklin Air Show, Fandex Family Field Guides, Candy making sites.

11-25-03: Thanksgiving pages, Constructions for Children, Scribbles Kids' Art.

11-18-03: Paper Sculpture, Geography Crafts for Kids, weather folk wisdom

11-11-03: Veterans Day, paper airplanes, Kids Invent site.

11-04-03: QX3 Microscope, Kids Make Music, preserving leaves.

10-28-03: Scales and weight, Fizz, Bubble, & Flash, Building Big site.

10-21-03: Identifying trees and tracks, Take a Look Around, Backyard birding sites.


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