Big Learning News 8-10-07
Karen Cole's Guide to Real-World Learning with Kids
Issue 5:18 August 10, 2007

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Math Moment: Heat Index

Hot enough for you? Help the kids brush up on their chart reading skills with this table. First, use this site to find out the current temperature and relative humidity in your area. Round each to the nearest 5. (You'll have to enter your zip code.)

Then go to the weatherwizkids site and follow the column with the temperature down to the row with the current humidity. That number is today's heat index, or how hot it feels.

More Fun Math for Kids

Activity: Car Games

Here are some links to pages with fun games to play on car trips.

More Games
Book Review: Juba This & Juba That

Product news: More microscopes

Responding to last week's recommendation of the $50 Motic Field microscope, a reader named Bob P. wrote to tell me about an even less expensive one - just $10.99. Bob writes, "Radio Shack has one for less at . I bought an earlier version of this for each of my children -- one of the better investments I made in a toy that wasn't really a toy!"

Thanks, Bob. I appreciate the response and hope all of you will let me know about good products I should share with my readers.

Book Review

The Nature Handbook by Ernest H. Williams, Jr. (Oxford University Press, 2005) Adult This is one of the best nature books I've come across. It's great to have around any time you plan to spend time in nature with your kids. You'll find the book answers questions about all sorts of common things you see on the trail. It could easily be subtitled, "What that cool thing on the trail was, where it came from, and what it meant." WIth chapters on plants, trees, various types of animals and habitats.... Read the rest of the review and get more information about the book on

Nature books for Kids Kids Guide to Nature Activities Extreme Nature

Education News for Adults: Baby Einstein videos C'mon, you knew videos couldn't really make babies smarter, right? Well, turns out you were right. (Read the rest of the article and comment at: ) Web Site Snake Gallery This series of fantastic snake photos has extended captions that explain the behavior shown. There's a snake poking its head out of its egg, a snake spraying venom, a snake eating a much larger bird, and other cool stuff. More Reptile Activities Big Learning Reptile Activities