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Big Learning, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to promoting school and life success through hands-on, real-world learning experiences for children and families. We offer after-school classes, group & family workshops, parent workshops, and online resources. We focus our efforts on economically disadvantaged children and those at risk for other reasons, including English language learners and children with learning disabilities.

We begin with specially-designed hands-on projects.
  • Facts and concepts are built-in, or embedded, in every project so students learn as they work.
  • Every project has a real-world connection and purpose that entices and motivates students.
  • Every project offers creative challenges to encourage self-expression, respect cultural diversity, develop craft skills, and make the class lively and fun.
  • Every project offers engineering challenges to develop students' design skills, encourage persistence and a can-do spirit, and teach scientific and analytic thinking.

  • The projects and other resources in our programs build background knowledge, vocabulary, math and science concepts, and artistic and communication skills. These in turn support school success and much more. Our students develop the confidence, problem solving skills, and creativity that research shows are crucial to happiness and success in the 21st Century.