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The Weird Clock Face Challenge

Try to figure out what time each clock shows. Then click on the clock to see if you are right.

roman numeral clock


tick mark clock


roman numeral clock


telling time without tick marks

About 1:50

telling time second hand clock


analog clock with alarm

7:25 (alarm set to about 6:45)

learning to tell time alarm clock with second hand


learning to read an analog clock - roman numerals

Just after 12:15

learning to tell time - pocket watch with second hand

About 6:09:57

learning to read analog clocks - pocket watch with roman numerals


learning to read a clock without numbers

About 2:00:37

roman numeral clock

About 8:21

telling time - no numbers

About 4:10

roman numeral clock with a second hand

About 1:29:14

learning to tell time - clock with flowers

About 4:00



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