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How to make a box by stacking craft sticks

Using this technique, you can make a square box, as tall as you want. You could use the same technique to make other shapes, like a triangle or a hexagon.

Tip: If you plan to paint the box, paint the sticks first - once they're in place it's hard to paint them completely.

First layer

Start the square by laying out two parallel craft sticks in the vertical direction, and then carefully glue two parallel cross pieces in the horizontal direction.

As you glue, check with a t-square or any square corner to make sure all your corners are straight. The this layer is crooked, the whole box will be crooked!

Completing the stack

Continue gluing alternating layers - two vertical pieces, two horizontal pieces - until the box is desired height.

Here is a finished box with bottom and trim added.

The candy box project uses this technique.

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