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How to Attach a Perpendicular Craft Stick

Here are some ways to attach a craft stick to the flat part of another one so it sticks straight up at a right angle.

The simpliest way is to stick it into a good sized blob of hot glue. This is quick and fairly strong. Hold it straight for about a minute until the glue blob is really dry.

If you want to make your joint really strong, attach it in a glue blob. Then, when it is dry, support it by gluing two small pieces of a craft stick to the sides and base, as shown.

The boat project uses this technique to make the mast stand up.

If you are making a flat roof or lid, you may only need to support one side. That way you can lay flat sticks on the other side without the support getting in the way.

By laying the second stick with its long end against the first one and adding longer or additional supports, you can make a little shelf - either to support cross pieces or just for decoration (say, on a doll house wall).


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