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How to Make a Wide Panel

Want to make a long wall? A fence? A big box? Here's how to make a panel of craft sticks as wide as you want.

Trim the vertical craft sticks

Lay out enough craft sticks to make the width you want want. If you want to trim the height, use a t-square to draw a pencil line across all of them to show you where to cut the top and bottom of each stick. If you want to leave them un-trimmed, go on and make the cross pieces (see below).

Cut each stick on the pencil line.

Make cross-pieces.

If your panel is 6 sticks wide or shorter, cut two cross pieces to fit the width of your panel exactly. The puppet theater project uses this technique to make its front panel.

If your panel is more than 6 sticks wide, cut your first cross piece so it ends halfway across the last stick (4 1/8 inches for six craft sticks). Then cut another cross piece to fit from halfway across the sixth stick to the end of the last stick.

Glue the cross pieces in place across the panel.

To make your panel stronger, make cross pieces for the back too. Cut them so the break between cross pieces is at a different place than it is in front.

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