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How to Glue Craft Stick Projects

You can glue craft sticks with almost any kind of glue. We tried them all and we liked the low-temperature hot glue gun best. It sets almost instantly and holds pieces very securely. You can build up layers of glue to help support the pieces and strengthen your projects. If you make a mistake, often you can pry the pieces apart without breaking them and peel the old glue off.

  • Safety

    1. When you plug in the hot glue gun, it takes a few minutes to heat up. Set a timer to remind yourself to check it. Unplug it whenever you walk away from your project area.

    2. Use an old cooking pot or other heat-proof receptical to hold the glue gun when you aren't using it, to keep it from burning surfaces or dripping glue.

    3. The metal tip is hot. You will get burned if you touch it so don't touch it.

    4. The glue is hot when it comes out of the gun, but it only hurts a little if you touch it. If you get it on your finger pull it right off so you don't burn your skin.

5. Keep a bowl of ice water at hand while you work. If you get glue on your finger or touch the metal tip of the glue gun, immediately dunk your hand in the ice water. This will prevent most burns.

6. Children under 6 are too young to use a hot glue gun safely. All children should be supervised while they are learning to use the glue gun safely.

  • Neatness and precision

The glue sets very quickly - within a few seconds.

Try to glue just one joint at a time, so you have time to get the piece in the right place before the glue sets.

Don't use a bigger blob than you need, but don't use too little either or the joint won't hold.

Use a plastic knife to wipe off extra glue before it sets. If the glue has already set, the hot tip of the glue gun will melt it again.

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