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How to Extend a Craft Stick

What if you want to make something with craft sticks that is longer than six inches? Here's how to make a longer craft stick by using two layers.

First layer

Cut the ends off as many craft sticks as you need to make the length you want. The picture here shows three. Lay them end to end, along a straight edge so your finished stick will be straight.


Second layer

Trim the ends off the same number of craft sticks as you used in your first layer. Cut one in half (but it's not necessary to be exact).

Now, glue a layer of craft sticks on top of the one ones you just layed out.

Start with a half stick.

Then continue the top layer by gluing on a whole stick. Continue gluing whole sticks end to end, until you have used up all the remaining whole sticks. Then glue the other half of your cut stick to finish the top layer.

Trim or sand the end if one layer sticks out.

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