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How to cut craft sticks

If you don't trim the ends off craft sticks, they look like, well, craft sticks. If you do, they look like litte boards and your projects look like real wood projects. Here's an easy way to cut craft sticks - and it's safer than using a saw or craft knife.

First, draw a pencil line to help make your cut straight. Use a T-square if you want a line straight across the craft stick.

Then grab the craft stick with a wire-cutter tool. Put the blade on your line.

Pinch it firmly, but you don't have to squeeze hard - you're not trying to cut through by squeezing.

Holding the long end of the craft stick with your other hand, gently wiggle the wire cutter back and forth as shown in the photo below. You should start to hear wood fibers breaking. Keep wiggling until the piece comes off.

Don't pull or rip, or your end will be very jagged.

Even cutting carefully though, your end will be a little jagged. Smooth it out by rubbing it against a piece of sandpaper.

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