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Another Big Learning Tip Sheet for Parents and Teachers...

Helping Kids Design with Craft Sticks


Kids learn a lot by following instructions for a project designed by someone else. But many children learn more, and are more satisfied and proud, when they design at least part of the project themselves. Here are some tips for encouraging your kids to design their own woodworking projects.

  • Change it! Encourage kids to make little changes as they follow project instructions. Maybe the animal they are making would look better in pink, or with ears, or with antennae. Then ask them to think about how they might carry out their changes - what will they make the ears out of?
  • Inspiration. When looking through sample projects, ask your kids what else they could make that way. Dollhouse furniture? A chair for a favorite stuffed animal? A box for crayons or trading cards? Don't forget to browse our techniques and project ideas.
  • Kid style. Resist the temptation to force adult-style planning - no blueprints here. Instead, let your kids design with the craft sticks - holding them together, using them to measure and estimate sizes, etc.
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