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Selected Consumer Publications

Karen Cole has published articles in numerous parenting and general interest magazines, including:

Atlanta Parent, Charlotte Parent, Chesapeake Family, Cleveland/Akron Families, City Parent, Fox Valley Kids, Gainesville Family, The Grapevine, Home Education Magazine, Kids Vermont, Metro Family, Metro Parent, Moms and Dads Magazine, Monterey County Family, Nashville Parent, Northwest Baby and Child, Staton Island Parent, Wilmington Parent, Parent Planner, Parent Plus, Washington Families, Washington Parent, West New York Families, Toledo Parent

Cole, K. (2003). "Supplying the Junior Scientist: A Home-Made Chemistry Set." Home Education Magazine, November/December 2003.

Cole, K. (2003). "Big Learning by the Bay." Chesapeake Family, August 2003.

Cole, K. (2003). "Big Learning in the Garden." Washington Families, August 2003.

Cole, K. (2003). "Civil Music: History Loud and Clear." Grapevine Magazine, June 2003.



Selected Academic and Education Publications

Simkins, M., Cole, K., Tavalin, F. & Means, B. (2002, in press). Increasing Student Learning through Multimedia Projects . Alexandria , VA , ASCD.

Penuel, W. R., C. Korbak, et al. (2002). "Designing Assessments for Student Multimedia Projects." Learning and Leading with Technology 29(5): 46-53.

Cole, K. (producer) (2001). Project Based Learning with Multimedia (CD-ROM) . San Francisco , CA ; Alexandria , VA , WestEd, ASCD (co-publishers).

Cole, K. A. (2000). Assessment for Multimedia Projects: An Idea Book . San Jose , CA , Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project.

Cole, K. A., Coffey, J., & Goldman, S. (1999). Using Assessments to Improve Equity in Mathematics. Educational Leadership , 56(6), 56-58.

Cole, K. (1999). Walking Around: Getting more from informal assessment. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 4(4), 224-227 .


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