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Tricky Pix by Paula Weed and Carla Jimison

Book Review

Tricky Pix: Do It Yourself Trick Photography With Camera by Paula Weed and Carla Jimison (Klutz, 2001)

Ages 9-12

Not being much of a housekeeper, I'm a big believer in teaching-by-leaving-interesting-things-lying-around. This book about trick photography projects, Tricky Pix, has been lying around for a long time, so imagine my joy when one of my kids' friends picked it up last weekend and asked if they could try some of the ideas. I was happy to hand over the digital camera (the book comes with a 35mm camera, but who wants to wait?).

They were able to set up and shoot several of the optical illusion ideas in the half-hour or so before my son's friend had to go home. They paid attention to the hints and their photos produced the desired illusion on the first try - a boy inside a sneaker, a tiny kid in the palm of of another kid, a kid holding another kid's body-less head. They loved it.

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