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Super Science Concoctions - Jill Frankel Hauser

Book Review

Super Science Concoctions by Jill Frankel Hauser (Williamson, 1996)

Ages 6-10

I still remember my first grade teacher asking this vexing riddle: What gets wetter as it dries? Answer: A towel!

In Super Science Concoctions, this riddle begins a series of activities about capillary action - interesting things that happens as water gets absorbed and moves through materials. Typical of the lively presentation of the Williamson Kids Can books, the riddle contributes humor while getting kids thinking about the topic at hand.

Super Science Concoctions is a great book for kids who think that science is about mixing things. They can get out their beakers and test tubes. There's plenty of attention to creating effects with food coloring, adding intrigue with "secret messages" or magic tricks, and other kid-friendly stuff.

Each activity has a short paragraph called "The Principle of the Thing" that explains the scientific principle behind the activity. There's also "Science Speak" boxes that explain terms like capillary and adhesion. Lots of the activities offer extensions (More to Explore). Sometimes the activity ends with a question, then referring kids to another activity elsewhere in the book to find the answer. Kids can have a lot of fun with this book.

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