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Game Review

Rush Hour by Thinkfun

Ages 7 and up.

This is game is actually a series of puzzles. You set up a layout of plastic cars and trucks on a grid. Then you have to move them around in turn, clearing a path so that the one red car can "drive" in a straight line out the "exit." Everyone who's played it around here thinks it's great fun.

The game comes with 40 cards, each with a different layout. Some only take a few moves to clear the path for the red car. More advanced cards might take 20 or more. Even though it's a one-player game, it's fun to play it collaboratively.

My son's friend came up with a method for playing he calls "step by step." He puts the red car on the grid. Then, he adds one car at a time from the layout, and solves the puzzle at each stage - kind of like working backward.

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