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The Best of Making Things - Ann Sayre Wiseman

Book Review

The Best of Making Things by Ann Sayre Wiseman (Handprint Press, 2005).

Ages 8 and up

Tin can stilts, popsicle stick weaving looms - all the classic make-it-yourself-from-scratch stuff is here. Wiseman collected classic amusements kids used to make for themselves before visits to the toy store were commonplace. The book itself has a charming hand-made quality, with hand-drawn illustrations and hand-lettered style text. The instructions are simple and straightforward, though somewhat spartan - you and your child will probably have to fill in some steps by looking at the illustrations.

This is a great reference to have around the house for the next time your child decides to make a kite or wants a good idea for what to do with a cardboard box. It's also a great book for grandparents who want to show off their old-fashioned know-how.

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