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The Kids' Guide to Nature Adventures by Joe Rhatigan - book review

Book Review

The Kids' Guide to Nature Adventures: 80 Great Activities for Exploring the Outdoors by Joe Rhatigan (Lark, 2003)

Ages 9 and up, but there are plenty of activities an adult could do together with kids 5-9 or older.

One of my favorite Big Learning-type authors, Joe Rhatigan, has created another winner. Rhatigan has an amazing knack for injecting activities with real intellectual substance while keeping them simple and fun. He also has infectious enthusiasm for his subject matter.

Nature Adventures covers a lot of ground - and a lot of science. There are practical tips for camping, wildlife activities observation activities (including at least 5 methods for capturing insects), games to play to practice nature skills, and lots of stuff to make. The great thing is, the stuff to make all has a purpose - like the bird-call whistle you make out of Popsicle sticks and a blade of grass. That activity is part of a series of things to make to attract wildlife so you can observe it.

The book has a catchy, modern design, and the photographs are both gorgeous and helpful. This is a book kids will come back to again and again.

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