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Book Review: Juba This & Juba That

Book Review

Juba This & Juba That: 100 African-American Games for Children by Dr. Darlene Powell Hopson and Dr. Derek S. Hopson with Thomas Clavin (Fireside, 1996).

Kids age 9-12
Adults caring for kids 7-12

These are good games! Most are simple, clever, and interesting. To play them kids need little more than objects from nature or bits of paper. For example, in one beach game, the players make a small mound of sand to support a vertical stick in the center. Players take turns pulling out handfuls of sand until the stick falls. The player that makes the stick fall is out.

The 100 games include outdoor and indoor games for small-to-large groups of kids, musical games, board games, craft making activities, and Kwanzaa activities. Each game has a short introduction that explains where the game originates and how it fits into local culture.

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