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Book review - It's Disgusting and We Ate It by James Solheim

Book Review

It's Disgusting and We Ate It: Food Facts from Around the World and Throughout History by James Solheim, Illustrated by Eric Brace

Ages 8 and up.

This is a smart, funny, and interesting book about the amazing variety of food humans consume, now and throughout history. Despite the title, the book's message is that disgust is a subjective, cultural thing. Foods American kids wouldn't consider eating are delicacies elsewhere, and foods we take for granted - milk and honey - are kind of gross when you think about them and where they come from.

The book is packed with juicy food lore - Christopher Columbus's son's story of eating in the dark aboard his ship so he wouldn't see the worms in his biscuits, a nomadic tribe that drank blood directly from the veins of their horses as they traveled, and scientists who couldn't resist trying a bite of 36,000-year-old frozen bison meat (it tasted like mud).

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