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If You Lived with the Indians by Anna Kamma - book review

Book Review

If You Lived with the Indians of the Northwest Coast by Anne Kamma, illustrated by Pamela Johnson (Scholastic, 2002)

If You Lived with the Hopi by Anne Kamma, illustrated by Linda Gardner (Scholastic 1999)

Ages 9 -11

These books, part of Scholastic's If You Lived series of history books, use a question-and-answer format to describe pre-colonial tribal life. The questions are written from a child's point of view - for example, "What would you wear?" Anne Kamma does a nice job of choosing questions interesting to a child, and many are intriguing to readers of any age. In the Hopi book, she asks, "How could corn grow in the desert?" (The answer is that the Hopi grew a specially adapted type of corn with fifteen-foot roots to reach deep down to the water table.) The books end with questions about the tribe's interactions with European settlers and a brief treatment of how the tribes live today.


Buying Information (Northwest Coast)

Buying Information (Hopi)

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