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Earth from Above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Book Review

Book Review

Earth from Above: 366 Days by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (Harry N Abrams, 2003)

Earth from Above for Young Readers by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Robert Burleigh (Harry N Abrams, 2002)

Ages 6 and up

A Greek peasant crossing his field with a donkey, a Carrara Marble quarry in Italy - just two of the more than 700 amazing aerial photographs that make Earth from Above: 366 Days endlessly engaging. The photos come from every corner of the globe, and subjects range from industrial wastelands to engineering triumphs to natural splendor.

The photos are organized into twelve themes (Biodiversity, Renewable Energy, Abolishing Poverty, and others) that help Arthus-Bertrand communicate his passionate conservationist message. Each of the twelve themes is introduced by an essay authored by an expert on that theme. Each photograph has a short essay on the facing page explaining the significance of the photograph in terms of issues of conservation and sustainable practices.

There are many ways a parent and child could explore the book together. With younger children, it's fun just to try to guess what each photo is (often it's not obvious), and then read the title and perhaps an interesting fact from the essay. Each photo also has a helpful map showing where the photograph was taken. Kids 13 and up will appreciate the issues and dilemmas each photograph brings out. Anyone interested in photography will enjoy Earth from Above as an art book.

Although the photographs aren't violent or blatantly inappropriate for young kids, the essays are often depressing or even scary (in an environmental kind of way), and many of the issues will go over the heads of young children. That isn't to say they won't love the photographs anyway.

Earth from Above for Young Readers is a specially-selected subset of the photos from the adult version. The text is written for kids too. This is a book kids ages 9-12 could enjoy independently.

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Buying Information for Earth from Above for Young Readers


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