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Book Review - Children of the Wild West

Children of the Wild West by Russell Freedman (Clarion Books, 1990)

Ages 9-12

Freedman combines a great eye for documentary photos with a gift for story telling. This book tells about everyday life for children of the wild west in the mid-1800s, a time which conveniently coincided with the development of photography. The book is filled with photos of wild west children, families, schools, and more and many of the photographs are amazing. The ample text showcases Freedman's ability to choose interesting facts and make them meaningful. The book includes material on Native American children, tribal life, and boarding schools, as well as on settler's lives. What will amaze and inspire kids is the competence and independence that even young children had - the eight-year old hunters and the six-year old seamstresses. With 95 big pages, this book is packed with history kids will be able to relate to their own lives.

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