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The Cartoonists Workbook

The Cartoonist's Workbook by Robin Hall

Ages 8 and up

If your kids like to draw, here's a really fun book they'll come back to again and again. This funny, clear guide to drawing cartoons is packed with practical tips kids can use right away. For example, a chapter deals with the question, what if you want to draw an object but don't have a model or photo handy to work from? You could spend hours looking for one, or you could use any of several other approaches Hall develops (for example, work from a part you can visualize clearly), complete with pages of examples.

The book is comprehensive and doesn't assume any expertise in drawing. It's concise with words but generous with examples. My eight-year-old started with the facial expressions, but as he gets older he'll probably appreciate the pages on anatomy for drawing realistic figures. Maybe he'll even get to the chapter on selling your cartoons, and make us all rich.

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