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Book Review - Attack of the Killer Video

Book Review

Attack of the Killer Video Book: Tips and Tricks for Young Directors by Mark Shulman and Hazlitt Krog, art by Martha Newbigging

Ages 9-13

With digital video cameras now under $100.00, lots of kids are finding movie making within their reach. They'll get all the tips they need to start making great videos, all presented in light-hearted, kid-friendly language.

The equipment recommendations are great for kids on a tight budget. The authors tell what kind of equipment a professional would use - say, a tripod to keep the camera steady. But then then they go on to suggest lots of free alternatives - your knee, the back of a chair, etc.

Attack of the Killer Video takes kids through the whole process of video making to "the big show." Along the way they discuss lighting, special effects, directing, and editing. Kids will learn lots of movie-making lingo, like "establishing shot," "gaffer", and "in the can."

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