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Armadillo from Amarillo by Lynn Cherry

Book Review

The Armadillo from Amarillo by Lynne Cherry (Harcourt Brace & Company, 1999).

Ages 6-9

This is an illustrious addition to the out-farther-and-farther-til-you-can-see-the-whole-Earth genre of children's geography, which I always find charming. Armadillo wonders where he is, so he travels all around Texas by foot. But he still can't quite grasp Texas geography, so he asks golden eagle to take him up for a "birds-eye view."

Written in rhyme (and dedicated to Dr. Seuss), the book is illustrated with paintings showcasing Texas in its varied splendor - the cities, the prairies, the oak forests, the canyons and rivers. On each page is a small postcard that Armadillo (full name, Sasparillo Armadillo), sends to his cousin Brillo Armadillo at the Philadelphia Children's Zoo.

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