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A Drop of Water by Walter Wick- book review

Book Review
A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder by Walter Wick (Scholastic, 1997)

For ages 9 and up independently; Read-to-me 6-8; Love the photos 5-7.

Who knew plain ol' water could be so fascinating? A Drop of Water is a science project book and photography art book in one. Wick's magnificent magnified photos of water droplets in action illustrate important physics concepts such as surface tension and capillary attraction. The text is artful and yet friendly, as in this introduction to the soap-bubble photos: "There are few objects you can make that have both the dazzling beauty and delicate precision of a soap bubble."

Nearly every photograph in the book is a picture of a simple science demonstration you and your kids could actually do at home. The composition and clarity of the photos give an almost magical quality to something as simple as a paintbrush dipped in water. The net effect is an enticement to try the demonstration yourself - something a more technical style of illustration rarely accomplishes.

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