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Birdfeeder & Beyond!  A Hands-on, do-it-yourself workshop kit

Make your event or meeting fly!
Much more than the typical peanut butter on a pine cone! Your kids will design and build unique and sturdy bird feeders to take home. They’ll also make window bird decals so they can recognize local species, and learn measurement, geometry, engineering, art, vocabulary, and science.

Appropriate for children ages 8 and up working independently, or for children 6 and up working with an adult.

It's Easy!
The Facilitator’s Guide includes full-color photo-illustrated instructions and workshop planning and setup guide. Additional staff training is also available from Big Learning.

Reusable Tool and Print Kit for up to 15 participants working simultaneously: $45.
  • 1 awl and clay set for punching holes
  • 4 laminated Real-life Birdfeeder posters (8-1/2" x 11")
  • 1 laminated Parts of Birdfeeder poster (8-1/2" x 11")
  • 8 laminated bird species cards (4"x6")
  • 14-page PDF full-color facilitator's guide

Refillable Project Materials for 10 feeders and 40 window birds: $49.
  • Includes tubes, dowels, rubber bands, plates, pipe cleaners, transparent film, and take-home guide sheets, plus extra materials for making a sample feeder and window bird

Order now by calling Big Learning at 301-560-1633.

Don't want to teach? Big Learning staff can facilitate the workshop. Call for rates.