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Science Activities for Kids

science activities for kids

Science Activities for Kids

Kids are natural scientists, but sometimes they need a little help finding science activities that explore new territory. The Internet has terrific sites for kids, and at Big Learning we're always on the lookout for cool science activity ideas and web sites.

A child's science activity isn't always formal, because kids learn through play and exploration. Sometimes all an adult has to do is offer a new web site or a cool gadget or device, and let the kids play. Other times a well-thoughtout science demonstration will be just the thing to inspire kids to explore and invent. You'll find both kinds of science activities here.

Science Activities for Kids on Big Learning

Product Recommendation: Motic Field Microscope

Toy Review: Cranium Bumparena

Chemistry for kids - cleaning copper pennies

Free Physics Videos for Kids - Why is it So? TV Series

Observing African Animals - Live

Toy review: Bug Vacuum

Beyond the Bug Jar: Insect Activities

Software Review: Distant Suns Planetarium

Optical Illusions Sites for Kids

Sodaplay Physics Construction and Simulation - web site review

Lunar Eclipses

Life Science - Pacific Salmon Simulation - web site review

Rock Collecting for Kids

Volcanos - Mount Saint Helens


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