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Fun Math for Kids

Fun Math for Kids

We're talking deep fun here. Not that we don't love those cute little math games that drill kids on their basic facts - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. If we're going to drill, it might as well be fun.

But there's more to math than learning times tables, and the more kids are exposed to the good stuff, the more they'll see math as useful, interesting, and even beautiful. The activities, web sites, and books on this page give kids a chance to solve interesting real-world problems, work with patterns and functions, use geometry to make pleasing artworks, and develop a feel for numbers that makes all math easier and more rewarding.


Big Learning Math Games

Lemonade Stand

Weird Clock Face Challenge



Fun Math Activities for Kids on Big Learning

Making boxes and Geometric Solids

Towers of Hanoi (patterns and recursion)

Scales and Weight

Math Tools

Basic Facts Games

Family Math Fun with Figure This!

Mobius-Strip Math

Fast food nutrition

Electoral Vote Math

Music and Math

Stock Market Play

Demographic Math

Money Around the World

Paper Plate Geometry

Book Review: Real World Math

Book Review: Math for Smarty Pants

Math Moments on BigLearning.org

(Our weekly fun family math activities based on current events and other real-world applications)

Heat Index Chart

Ice Cream Stats

Bicentennial and other Anniversary Words

One Billion Trees

Heavy Gold Coin

Fastest Tennis Serve

Jumping 100 inches

Dog's tail wagging and angles

Measuring and scale: make a kite any size

Early baseball standings

How many hours of sleep?

Get Ready for Pi Day


Tetris Math

Large numbers- U.S. Population hits 3 million

Graph reading, metric system with soft-drink caffeine content

Mathematics of paper dolls

Distance and walking to school

Analog clocks

Adding Years

Real world salaries with the Salary Showdown

Problem solving with the "Counterfeit Coin" problem

Measuring veggies

Goop recipe and ratios

Oldest World Cup players

Baseball speed

Measuring Horses

Radius and Volcanos

Motorcycle Lean Angles

What's more than 100%?

Wining by rounding decimals

Dividing large numbers

What's a billion?

One Red Paperclip


Flipping coins

Great circle mapping

Graphing software online

Math uContest

100 days of school, 100 primes, 100 digits of pi

Amaze your friends with instant addition!

Distance between cities

Box folding

Fahrenheit Celsius

Weather Graphs

Latitude and Longitude

Escher geometry

World Population math

Code-breaking with letter frequency

Large numbers - charitable contributions

Comparing gasoline prices

Math of extraordinary trees

Pet care graphs

Heat Index

Comparing movie ticket prices (inflation)

Really big fish

Universe Within (Powers of 10)

Circle Art

Ocean Pollution

Hotel Infinity Story

Consumer Prices

Baby Name Popularity

Food pyramid nutrition math

Batting averages

Obesity statistics

Census Data

First round-the-world flight

Hawaii's weather

Spinning polygons

Pop vs. Soda



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