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Product Review - Peripole Recorders

Peripole Angel Halo Soprano and Alto Recorders



My older son loves to pick up his soprano recorder when he just wants to play a quick tune - not nearly as much work as putting his trumpet together. When he told me about the cool Peripole recorders some kids in his class have, I happily agreed to order one, having tired of the shrill tone produced by the one he'd been playing.

I ordered by calling the 800 number. The woman who took my order was very friendly and helpful. I even decided to throw in an alto recorder, since the shipping cost was the same either way. The recorders arrived exactly on the day she predicted.

We were so pleased right out of the box. The recorders are heavier than ordinary models and, though plastic, have a definite deluxe feel. They come with a cleaning stick, case, fingering chart, and a "halo" - a hoop and string gizmo that lets you hang the recorder around your neck. Both recorders sound terrific - a big improvement over my son's old recorder.

Here's the best part - they're not even expensive. Currently (May, 2005) the soprano goes for $4.25 and the alto is $9.95 (not including shipping charges which depend on where you are). So if your child has to buy a recorder for school or just wants an easy instrument to play, do your ears a favor and go for the Peripole.




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