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Observing African Animals in Botswana

Activity: Spy on a watering hole in Botswana


Big Learning the size of Africa here. This is a live web cam that sweeps over the shoreline of a watering hole in Botswana called Pete's Pond. At peak viewing hours, you'll see zebras, wildebeests, impalas, giraffes, and lots more wander up to the pond to take a drink - all in full-color, smooth-motion live video. You can even hear them! It's an Internet miracle at its best.

There's a lot more on this beautifully-designed site. You can print a checklist of animals that frequent the pond and check them off as you see them. Click on the name of an animal on the checklist, and you get a trading-card style card about that animal, complete with video of the animal in motion and facts about the animal. Or go to the animal gallery to try to identify an animal you spot drinking at the pond.




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