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Mobius strips - math for kids

Math with Mobius Strips


Here's some advanced geometry - just kidding! Although the properties of a mobius strip are relevant to a type of geometry called topology, kids love them too.

To make a mobius strip, cut a 1-inch wide strip from the side of a sheet of paper. Holding both ends, flip one end over to make a half-twist, and then tape the ends together. Now you've made a weird object with only one side - if you trace a pencil line around the ring, you'll find your line on both the inside and outside of the ring, even though you haven't lifted your pencil. Thinking about why this is so helps kids practice visual thinking, which is so important in mathematics.

The Questacon Mobius page is the best I've found for kids - it starts with a real life application (the mobius shape was once used for automobile drive belts) and then has a page of cool things to try once you've made your first mobius.




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