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Cooking with kids: Making cheese

Make Cheese


Big Learning from making things - it's so empowering. You and your kids learn that ordinary people can make all sorts of things that seem to require a manufacturer or professional.

That doesn't mean you have to do these things yourself, but you can. And if you don't, you're still a more savvy consumer for having armed yourselves with an understanding of how things are made.

So it is with cheese. Although serious cheese making requires an investment in time and materials, you can make cottage cheese from ingredients already in your kitchen - milk, vinegar, and salt. The above site explains it all and has recipes, equipment for advanced cheese making, and lots of advice.

This page from the Farmer's Almanac has a similar cottage cheese recipe, but offers the option of substituting lemon juice for vinegar.


Like cooking with your kids? Here are some great kids' cookbooks:






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