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Tips for a Successful Lemonade Stand

Great Lemonade

Use frozen or powdered mixes, or try this recipe (adult help required for slicing and boiling).

Offer different flavors - try these recipes.

Pour lemonade into cups filled with ice. If you keep the ice in the pitcher, the lemonade will get watery.

Great Business

Put up signs so people can find your stand.

Sell other treats too, such as cookies or brownies

Grab people's attention - wear a costume or funny hat, dress up your dog, or make a flag to wave.

Give your lemonade a brand name that tells people what's special about it, such as Katie's Super-Cold Quencher.

Check out your traffic. Set up in a place where cars can pull over safely, or a place where lots of people walk by.

Choose a day with good weather.

Great Safety

Don't get sunburned! Use an umbrella or canopy or set up in a shady area, and wear sunscreen.

Make sure you have plenty of water to drink.

Never work alone. It's a good idea to have an adult present. That's easiest if your stand is in front of your house.

Car safety! Set up where cars can pull over safely. Never approach a car - people should come to you.

And remember...

Make sure you have a covered box to keep your money in.

Get some change before you start, in case the first customer doesn't have exact change.


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