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Google Earth

Fly around the Earth with Google Earth

Ages 5 (with help) and up


kids looking at a globe

Oh, this is soooo cool. I'll say up front that it requires a high-speed Internet connection and a relatively new and fast Windows PC.

If you're still with me, download Google Earth and then call the kids, because they're going to love it. Google Earth lets you "fly" online to any address on Earth, and see a satellite photo of that place. You can actually type in your own address and zoom to a photo of the roof of your house (in our case, the photo is at least a couple of years old). Don't miss the "Tilt" controls - if you tilt the picture you get a better sensation of flying over the Earth.

There's a lot built into the tool - you can find famous landmarks, map out distances, see borders, latitude and longitude, and more. If you're interested in famous landmarks, the Google Earth Sightseeing Page will take you to the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower, and eight other landmarks.





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