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How to make a cardboard loom

A cardboard loom is a great way to introduce kids to weaving, and an easy way to make small projects.

To make a cardboard loom

1. Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard from a cereal box or a piece of poster board. The cardboard should be thin enough to cut easily with scissors, but sturdy enough to hold the weaving. You can make the rectangle any size, but it's easiest to make it the length and width of something you want to make. 5" x 8" is a good starting size.

2. Cut slits every quarter-inch at the top and bottom of the rectangle as shown.

Your loom is done!

To string the vertical threads (called the warp)

Tape the end the string or yarn to the back of the loom at the bottom left hand corner.

Run the yarn through the first slit at the bottom left corner, so it is now on the front of the card

Bring the yarn up through the first slit at the top left corner, then down through the second slit at the top left.

Now bring the yarn down the front of the card through the second slit at the bottom left, and then back through the third slit.

Continue this way until you reach the last slit. Never cross the back of the loom from top to bottom.

It's OK if the cardboard curves up slightly - that will give you a little space to manuver under the strings as you weave.

Now your loom is set up for weaving.

To Weave

Tape a long piece of yarn to a craft stick.

Start at the bottom of the loom. Run the craft stick under and over the warp strings, pulling the yarn through behind it. When you reach the other side, come back the other way, going "under" where you went "over" on the first pass.

Make about 5 rows. Use a fork or wide-toothed comb to push the 5 rows down, one at a time, into tight rows. Make sure the weaving is not so tight that it pulls the warp inward.

Change color and fabric as desired, pushing loose ends through to the back of the loom.

Work as high on the loom as you want, but leave enough warp string at the top to cut it and tie it in a knot.

When you finish, remove the weaving from the loom. Cut the loops at the top and knot them tightly to hold on the last row. Cut loose strings short.

Your weaving is done!




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