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Campfire songs and car song lyrics for children

Campfire and Car Song Lyrics

Here's the problem: my cousin, who taught me the song "God Bless My Underwear," didn't actually know all the lyrics. So for thirty years, I've had these incomplete lyrics knocking around inside my head, and every time I want to sing the song for someone (many times, I assure you), I have to make up the missing lines on the fly.

But now there's the Internet, that wellspring of vital information. All I had to do was type lyrics "God Bless My Underwear" into Google. It turns out nearly a hundred people have typed these lyrics into their computers and posted them on web sites.

Along the way, I happened upon sites with every silly camp song I half-remember. Your kids will love browsing these and singing the ones they know. Here are some of the better sites:







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