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Beyond the bug Jar (insect activities)

Toy Review: Edu Science Bug Vacuum

Ages 5-10

My son got a Bug Vacuum for his birthday, and I have to say it's a clever design. Pulling a trigger sucks the bug into removable see-thru chamber with a magnifyer on one end. You can take the chamber off and look at the bug from all angles, and then flip the magnifyer to release the bug.

The vacuum power isn't, well, all that powerful (don't get me started on things that do everything except perform their main functions - I've had toasters that do everything but toast bread, full-featured hair dryers that don't dry hair, etc.). You can't suck a flying insect out of the air and sometimes it takes some jiggling just to get one off the ground.

But the toy does work, and it's fun to go bug hunting - you feel very adventurous and you never have to touch the bug.




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