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Bird Feeders - Ready for Fall Bird Watching Season



Get your Bird Feeders Ready for the Fall Bird Watching Season!

It's that time of year again, when food sources for birds become more scarce in many areas. If you have never had a bird feeder in your yard, think about taking up this hobby. It's a great Big Learning experience for adults and kids alike, bringing wildlife up close like no other activity.

  • If you stopped filling your bird feeders during the summer, clean them before filling them again. Brush away old seed clumps and other debris and wash with warm water and mild soap or detergent. Some experts recommend disinfecting with a mild bleach solution (1/4 cup of bleach in two gallons of water). Others say the bleach can be harmful to birds, so rinse well if you do use it.
  • Buy some seed. Black sunflower will attract many species, and safflower is supposedly less attractive to squirrels. The squirrels in our yard must be less finicky than most - they're very happy to eat safflower seed.
  • If you are new to feeding and want to keep your financial investment low, you may want to try making your own feeders. You'll find out quickly if squirrels are going to be an issue for you - we had to buy commercial squirrel-proof feeders to keep them from gorging all day on our seeds.





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